Spring Plans!

I love Spring!

I love Spring!

Garden! As a mother of 4, I spend a lot…and I do mean A LOT of money at the grocery store. Sure I could feed my kids noodles and bologna every meal…but it’s not really good for them. lol So, in  an effort to cut my grocery cost and provide fresh, healthy foods for my family, we are putting out a garden this year! I know what you are thinking…why would anyone so busy add more to their plate?! So here at the Carton house (which is what I call us since every telemarketing person in the world can’t read my last name off of their screen), we’re starting a garden. FYI…I have no gardening ability. I’ll be enlisting the talents of my father to guide me. I should tell you, my green thumb is brown. I killed my cactus. It’s possible to over water them, just so that you know. Thankfully, my father has been raising vegetables his entire life! So i’ll take lots of pictures and share on here, should be amusing since I’m not much of a dirt person!

Chicken Coop! Yup, that’s what I said, chickens! Nope, I know nothing about this either. I have a Yorkie, how hard could chickens be? I also have a new puppy, he’s a husky. Totally irrelevant, I know.  Someone should really tell my Yorkie to stop barking at him, since Yuri (said husky), will outgrow him within a week or two. Back to subject…chickens.  I found this super adorable chicken coop on Pinterest.  Yup, I’m a Pinterest nerd, I love the inspiration.  I wish I had time to do all of the things from Pinterest that I wanted…but time is always against me. So I provided my husband with the coop website instructions. I should disclose, unfair advantage, he’s a contractor.  So why chickens? I think it would be fun for my kids to feed and tend chickens. Also, how cool to let them collect eggs! So, we’ll see how this goes!

Twins Room! So, when my twins were smaller, my husband literally built them a bunk bed playhouse in their room. It was 2 stories with windows and a door and great little spots to hide toys. Then they outgrew it. The playhouse had to come down. Of course that means that half of the room is battleship grey…and half of the room is the original color…so this requires, painting, new flooring, two closets and new beds…quite the task for one room!   I’ll be glad to have the carpet gone. One of our twins have seasonal allergies, they can sometimes make him miserable…so no carpet is super awesome for him.

So, these are our Spring projects. Wish me luck to get all of this done in the month of April. And yes, of course, lots of pics to be published! 🙂

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