Nice to know they are enjoying things like books now that they aren't overloaded with toys...

Nice to know they are enjoying things like books now that they aren’t overloaded with toys…

If you read my “about me”, you know that I am the mother of 3 boys. 11 yr old twins and a 6 yr old…

I originally had my twins in one bedroom and our youngest in his own room. The children determined they would like to have one sleeping room and one play room. This play room got way out of hand. It is my job as the mother to have them keep it tidy, but that isn’t easy when you spend so much time with work and schooling. Still, easy or not, I should have done a better job. The biggest problem was how much they had amassed. It’s hard to know when your child has outgrown something. My boys had outgrown a lot. My youngest spent years accumulating every Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Jake and The Neverland Pirate/Monster’s inc…etc etc toy that there was. Maybe not every toy, but a huge portion of them. I, as his mother, should not have purchased so many. He turns 7 in a couple of weeks and was just too old for so many of these toys. Not to mention, he wasn’t playing with them.

My twins, who are 11 now, had outgrown most of their toys. They are now into video games and tablets and other such big kid things. They went through a Legos kick. Let’s face it, they still love Legos. I’m fine with that, as long as they are still using them. (And they are not under my bare feet!)  OMG, the Happy Meal toys!  Years of these cheap little toys had accumulated. There were McDonald’s toys that were still in the plastic wrapping.

Now, I know that my children loved these toys when they got them, but they can’t tell me that they need a Batman Cave that has ¼ inch of dust on it. They didn’t really love that McDonald’s toy that is still in the plastic wrapper after 2 years. I couldn’t walk in this room, it was an allergic reaction waiting to happen. No lie, I seriously had a headache when I started this project.

I do have to disclose, I’m only half finished with this project. My goal is to finish cleaning this room, separate the twins from my youngest again. At this age, it doesn’t work to have one play room, because the twins, as I mentioned, have outgrown these toys. So, this requires a remodel of the twin’s room. When they were a lot smaller, my husband built them a super awesome play house/bunk bed. Then we painted the room, which still has carpet. One of the twins have allergies…bad. So, While building this awesome play house, we had to remove the initial closet. We have now taken the play house down, which means one half of the room has this lovely flowered wallpaper while the other half is battle ship grey. While doing all of this work, I’m thinking, it’s a good time to replace that carpet with something a little better for my poor son.  Recap…floor, walls, and a closet.  Good thing I married a builder.

Anyway, so I needed to ditch some toys, and my kids said no.  I finally got to my breaking point. My kids went to sleep and I grabbed the trash bags. I bagged up 6 full bags of trash. What was up with all of the water bottles in there? My husband, smart guy, took them to the truck before they woke up the next morning. I also filled up a 30 gallon bag full of toys for my sister in law. Hundreds of dollars in toys, I was happy to pass them to her little boy so they could get more use.  The funny thing is, I went to sleep to take a nap, and I woke up to a missing 30 gallon bag. They had found the toys, and for some reason, they thought that meant they should put the toys away. WRONG! They had to put the toys back in the bag. They called me a toy thief. LOL My nephew loved getting these toys.

Sadly, I’m only halfway finished with the toys. I actually feel ashamed at all of the money I have thrown away on these toys. I didn’t have a lot of toys growing up. I used to think it was because we were poor, but now I realize it was just because my father didn’t see the point of spending all of his money on things I really did not need. Smart man. I don’t mean he didn’t buy me toys…he just didn’t give me way too many. As I started this purging, I noticed that my kids are actually able to see the things they own. They are playing with toys they had forgotten that they had. The funny thing is, they have only noticed one toy that they don’t have anymore. In my defense, that toy was broken. It was a Scooby Doo van missing wheels.

I thought that getting rid of the baby toys would hurt more. The idea that my children had outgrown these things, that they had gotten too old would be too painful. Amazingly, it was fine. We, as a family, are all growing, and it’s the way life goes. I love seeing the people that they are shaping in to.  Now, to put the kids to bed, so I can dig through the other half of those toys!

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