My husband, a man of logic, asked me a question the other day. My mind clicked. He asked, “Why don’t you have the time?” He was responding to my complaints of everything I don’t get done. I don’t have time to clean, time to exercise, time to see friend, time for hobbies, time to read, etc etc.  It really is an endless list.   However, I realized, he is right. I spend so much time scheduling my life that I don’t have the time left to do the things on my endless list.

My biggest excuse was that I didn’t have time to exercise, which is how I ended up getting married at 102 pounds and weighing in February of 2014 at 141 pounds.  141 doesn’t sound like a lot…unless you are 5 foot 0 inches tall.  I kept saying I didn’t have the time to exercise. But I did, I just wasn’t making it a priority. I don’t seriously need to organize my groceries instead of jumping on the treadmill for a half an hour.  I kept trying to divide my time between work, sleep, kids, and husband. In that order. Why? Why can’t I spend time with my husband and kids while exercising or while watching my favorite shows?  I can. I can hold a conversation with my daughter while I’m folding laundry.  I can sit here and write this while I’m working…no telling my boss! lol  My groceries don’t need to be super organized. My laundry must be done, but the family can help me, cuts the time in half!

I have come to realize that there is time for everything, but I had to learn to multi-task. I had to learn to stop trying to schedule every little thing. I am, however, still making list. Old habits are hard to break…

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