I love my children. They are my entire world. With that said…Why is it that my children can remember something that I forgot to do for them 2 years ago, but not to brush their teeth?  I mean think about it, we clean their teeth for them before they have teeth.  Then, as soon as they are old enough to climb up on that stool, we have them brushing their teeth every single day, multiple times a day.  Yet, when I don’t remind them one morning, and they conveniently forget to brush them!  My twins are going to be 12 in September. 12 years…365 days a year…and at least twice a day…I’M JUST SAYIN’!

While I’m on the subject of things that make me totally insane, let’s talk about usage of shampoo and soap. No lie, just today, I cleaned my children’s bathroom. I moved the shampoo and the body wash to clean their tub/shower.  My twins, whom we just discussed are almost 12….take a shower and I have my 7 year old jump in the tub.  Funny thing, THE 7 YEAR OLD, yells at me for the missing soap and shampoo.  It suddenly pops in my head that the double trouble duo didn’t use the shampoo or the soap!  I mean seriously! As much as they hated the first bath, imagine how much they hated the second one!  I’m guessing this will not be an issue tomorrow!

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