So I’m doing this purging thing, and I read a lot of minimalist articles. One thing I found interesting was making a list of what is really important to me…things that bring me joy.  So, here is my list:

1. Husband…my partner and best friend

2. My Children…the best thing that I ever created!

3. My Dad…the man who showed me what unconditional love and support are.

4. My Dog…umm aka kid #6 and the happiest person I know.

5. Exercise…it’s my “ME” time, clears my head, keeps me physically functional.

6. Football…I just love it! Steelers Nation!

7. Reading…why don’t I make time to do more of it?!

8. Cooking…I love to cook, but I hate to clean up.

9. Blogging…It’s just fun to share.

10. Swimming…Of course, this is seasonal, but it’s something the whole family enjoys!

11. Adventures…rope course, caving, fishing

12. Uncontrollable Laughter…best feeling ever.

13. Family Trips…from Chuck E. Cheese to the beach

14. Christmas Season…It’s not the gifts, it’s the cookie cutters, holiday movies, elf on a shelf…

15. Cleaning…I love the end result of time to clean! (If I just had the time…)

16. Teaching…I love that moment when I’m teaching my kids and something just clicks.

17. Security…I have a good job and it’s nice not to worry how I’m going to buy groceries or pay bills!

18. Daydreaming…having to to just think is so underrated.

19. Friends…It’s nice to have friends to talk to

20. Music…there is always a perfect song for every mood!

21. Smiles…I love to see a stranger in the grocery store and smile at them. I don’t always get a smile back, but sometimes I do and it’s worth it 🙂

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