I’m a bit accident prone. I’m a bit stubborn.  So last night, I was walking through our home gym room. The same equipment in there that is usually there…and of course my feet were bare.  I hit my little toe. I didn’t just hit it, I slammed into it full speed ahead.  Of course, like a baby, I cried out.  Now, I’ve been working really hard to get my body in good shape. I’d walked 14 miles this week and it was only Wednesday. Was I going to give in? Heck no! I was not about to let a little bruise stop me from me from getting my exercise!

About a mile into my walk, I happened to step on my foot just the right way. There was a pop and a constant sharp pain started in my already throbbing foot.  Apparently, I had a broken toe.  Great job me!  On top of that, I was nearly eaten by a couple of dogs!  I can’t stand it when people don’t control their animals!  Now I’m in excruciating pain…but I have the most beautiful picture from my walk!

See, I told you it was pretty!

See, I told you it was pretty!

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