My kids are annoyed when I say “I told you so”, but they bring it on themselves. I’m just sayin’!


Yesterday, my 11 year old has a piece of PVC pipe. It was left over from a water line my husband installed. It’s a few feet long.  I tell my son to leave it alone. Then I tell him to stop running with it. Obviously, he didn’t leave it alone.  Now, he found this in our outside building, and for who knows why, the end is slanted. It’s actually not really sharp, but I am a mom, so everything is 1,000 times worse than it really is. I’m thinking, ok, he’s running with a spear, so as an overprotective mother, I determine that he should not play with this useless piece of pipe. So, I start dinner, and my 7 year old comes running like the world has ended. He has a scrape. It’s a harmless scrape. A little cleaning, a little Neosporin, and good as new. He and his brother had gotten the piece of pipe out and were playing with it.  Now, my point is, I told them so!  Though it was not a major deal, it could have been. When others see a piece of plastic, I see a weapon. As I hug him tight and tell him he’s ok, I just can’t help but say, “SEE, I TOLD YOU SO!”

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