Don’t Apologize To Me!

So I took my children to the park…well, 3 of my children. My twins, who are 11 and my youngest, age 7.  While we were there, a couple of boys came to the playground, and they were around 8 or 9, both of them.  They came with two men and were running around as children do.  I thought it was very nice that these men were running around with these kids, playing.  I don’t think enough adults spend real quality time with our kids, actually playing with them.  However…within minutes, these children are running around yelling at the men “Faggot” and “Mexican”.   Now, we might live in the sticks here, but there is no hate in my children. Not for any person, no matter their sexual orientation or their skin color or their nationality.  As a mother, I am instantly scorning these people with a look…you know that look, we’ve all seen it.  Most of us mothers have used it.  One of the men had the nerve to apologize to me.  Because I have a big mouth, I might have had a few words for this behavior…not the point.  I got home, and I thought about those children, so unlike my children.  They didn’t say it because they are mean.  They said it because they heard it and in a way that they thought it was ok.  We’ve all heard hate breeds hate…or something like that…maybe it’s ignorance. Both apply in this case.  You don’t have to be gay or even think it’s ok to not judge others.  Quite frankly, since I’m not gay…it doesn’t apply to me, so why do I care who my neighbor loves.  I do love my husband though and couldn’t imagine a world that tells me that it is not ok.  So, why would I want anyone else to ever feel that way? And “Mexican”, really?  I’m sorry, what in the world justifies stating a nationality as a hate word?  So, my point is, those kids can say these words all they want in front of my kids because my kids know it isn’t ok.  They were taught better. DO NOT apologize to me!!!  I know better too.  Apologize to the kids that are the real victims.  They will grow up still saying these words.  They will grow up thinking it is ok.  They will most likely spread this ridiculousness to their children…if they have children.  By letting these kids think this is ok, they are hurting these children.  So really, the apology needs to go to these children!

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