I really think humor is like a glue for married people. My husband and I love to laugh at each other and with each other.  The other day, I complained about pms…and then I complained the following week about how everything gets worse as I get older. My husband said two things that should have offended me, but he said them to be funny and with affection..I hope!  He said, “Now listen, you get one week to be hateful. For one week, I let you be mean to me and that is all you get!”  He also said, “Well, your body parts are over three decades old. Most cars don’t last that long, so of course some of your parts are going to be worn out.”  Then he flashed that handsome grin that I fell in love with so long ago…and I laughed.  First I told him all of his body parts were older than mine and they always would be.  Then I told him that since we’ve been married for 13 years, I got a second week after the first decade and I created four humans with my body.

Of course, this is normal conversation for us. There was also when I told him he should put the gas in my car since he is the man in this relationship.  It is not that I’m not capable of getting gas. It’s that I’m lazy.  Well, my husband…also lazy, said that it’s my car and I should put the gas in it since he never drives it.  I nicely informed him he should wash his own underwear…after all, I’ve been washing it for years and I never wear it..just sayin’.

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