Like a lot of parents, I’m caught between this “spend every cent I have to make this the most memorable day of their entire lives” and “true meaning of holiday season”.  It’s really hard in a world so driven by consumerism.  However, I may have gotten the hang of this.  First of all,  I’m not posting gift opening pictures.  This is not because they aren’t getting anything they want for Christmas, it is because Christmas is not about presents and posting pictures of them opening gifts…is really showing off what I bought my kids for Christmas.

I also made it a point to not buy every single thing on their wish list…which is quite long.  Whether I could buy everything on the list is not important.  What is important is that they  realize that Christmas is NOT ABOUT THE GIFTS, and in life, YOU DO NOT GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

Christmas is so hard for some people, and for different reasons.  It’s hard for the elderly to get out and a lot of them are alone. Please remember this and take a minute to drop by and visit someone you may know, just to say Merry Christmas.  Christmas can very expensive and not everyone has a lot of extra money for gift giving.  The fact that anyone feels bad for not being able to buy stuff for other people just makes me very sad.   Especially parents, when we just want our children to feel “Christmas Magic”.

While giving this way too much thought, I realized, I don’t remember the gifts I got as a child very well. I did remember making a star for the top of the tree and making ornaments.  I remember the Christmas specials on television and no school.  I remember seeing people that I didn’t get to see all year long.  I remember making puppets and coloring in color books.  And of course…the candy!


So….we had fun with our elf….

We made candy and puppets…(notice these are cheap and easy)



We went and found our annual “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree…(It did have a few more branches than it should…but the kids picked it.)



Did I mention that we played with the elf? And of course a gingerbread house…  (And I still have a couple of days left!)

I don’t think the kids will remember what gift they loved the most as much as they will remember the time we spent watching Home Alone and The Grinch.

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