So we made it through another holiday…my house still looks like a tornado hit it from Christmas…but we had family and friends and love etc etc etc

My youngest has become an expert at cookie decorating…

Yeah, I can see him getting fired while working at one of the cookie shops at the mall, but he will leave with a full stomach I’m sure.

My daughter, in the spirit of the holidays, gave my hugs for like two whole days.

Don’t worry, she’s back to normal…avoiding contact with me at all cost.

With the lovely clothes that my boys got for Christmas, I would think they would have worn new clothes, but they chose to wear the same old stuff they always wear.  I do not know what it is with men, they pick a few favorite pieces of clothing and wear them repeatedly until I manage to find a way to sneak them out of the house…

In the spirit of Christmas though, I really didn’t care what they wore, this is their Christmas.  It’s kinda like when they decorated the tree and I had to smack my hands to stop myself from moving their ornaments around so that there were not holes in the tree.  You know the moment I touched those ornaments, someone would know their ornament was moved and I would be in huge trouble!

As exhausting as the holidays have been…and with New Years still coming up…I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  I know that there are very few years I have left where all of my children will want to hang out with me, so I’ll make the most of it while I can 🙂


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