In a world full of entitlement, how can I teach my children the value of a dollar?  Personally, I know I’ve been guilty of giving my children too many things. A lot of us parents have.  It’s a bad habit.  I realized a couple of years ago, while decluttering the twins room, they had way too many things that were unplayed with, unappreciated, and probably not even asked for.   This was a bit of a reality check.  So I started doing a couple of things at the point.

  1.  I began an annual yard sale.  They put all of the things they don’t want, have outgrown, and don’t use in a large yard sale.  The profits go to them.  Their stuff…their money.  I don’t even get a commission.  I encourage them to use the money all together to get something bigger that they want. (example-one year it was a trampoline)  This doesn’t always work, so they get the money divided evenly between them.  Nothing comes back to the house, anything not sold is given away.  So there are a couple of lessons there.
  2. I never buy toys..unless it is a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas.  This doesn’t mean they do not have the option to get toys during the year.  It just means they have to buy them themselves. I give them the ability to make $10 per week per child.  It requires a list of chores and getting all school work done, without complaint. If this is done, at the end of the week, they get $10.  If it isn’t all done, then I look at their week. Were they really lazy? Was everything a struggle? Then no allowance. If they tried and they just slacked off a little, then I’ll amend the amount to fit their effort.
  3. They save metal.  If their dad does a roof and has scrap, they keep it.  My father saves his aluminum cans for them.   Once every year or so, their dad helps them gather it all up and take it off for money.  Lucky them, he doesn’t even charge gas.

Some people think it’s a bit extreme to never buy my kids toys and to make them get rid of their old toys.  Some people say let them be kids and not make them do chores.I personally think that no one should keep everything, especially if they have outgrown it. Plus, if they think you get everything for nothing, how will that serve them in life?  It won’t.  Just a couple of ideas that work for me 🙂

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