When my children were small, I rarely had a break.  I didn’t think you were supposed to have a break really.  People didn’t look at children as a full time job. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed.  Now they use common words like postpartum depression. Years ago, even 10 years, these words were not as common.   Thankfully, the world is seeing what a job motherhood really is. We don’t  have to feel bad for needing a break from the thing in life we love the most.  Getting a break actually makes me feel like a better mother.

With that said, whatever you do on that break is up to you.  I personally, like a good drink…or two.  In fact, once a year, I give myself a weekend break.  I take off to the Great Smokey Mountains. I get a hotel in town so that I have nowhere to drive.  Nothing but shopping and restaurants to keep me occupied. I spend my days shopping the outlet stores and my evenings eating good food and drinking! (Don’t judge, most people enjoy a drink or two…)  It’s nice to have no worries for a day or two. 20160220_194220Of course, I’d had a couple of Junebugs from TGIF before I felt like taking pics…but once I started….

I had to try a few different pretty drinks.  Don’t worry, I didn’t get too wild…unless you count telling the entire bar it was a full moon when a man bent over and showed his butt crack.  In my defense, he was mooning me.  So, fellow mothers, take a break! Don’t feel bad about it!

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