I’ve come to the conclusion that their father does not have the ability to teach my children to drive.  He’d need anxiety medicine.  I too, should not teach them as I have a hard time not being laid back.  It’s a perfect job for my father!

I will never forget being so excited to get behind the wheel of a car.  Of course, I was like 9 and we had a half mile long driveway.  In fact, I have a half mile long driveway as well.  What you may not know is that it is very common for people who live in the country to have children driving at a very young age…not on the road of course.  However, there is a lot of farm land and fields that it is perfectly normal to see an 11 year old driving a tractor or a truck on.  That is just the way it is in the middle of the sticks.

So, since I’ll have a 15 yr old and two 13 year olds at the end of this summer, I’m thinking it will be time for them all to start learning.  My 14 year old, who will turn 15 in July has only recently shown an interest in driving.  Her brothers are already interested.  So, the fun begins…time to start teaching these children about driving.  I’ve come up with the perfect solution.  It’s a perfect job for my father!

When I was learning, he was horrible.  He’s mean and hateful.  He yells and curses.  He treats you like an infant….but when he’s done, you are a good driver.  I always joke that if you can survive him teaching you to drive, you will be a good driver.  So, I’m going to have him teach my children.  Look at it this way, at least they will have earned their driver’s license!

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