A little hard work never hurt anyone.  Well, maybe that isn’t true, but sounds good.  I remember that there was this pile of gravel when I was a kid and my father gave my brother and I $10 each to shovel it into the back of his truck. (That was real money in 1990!)  Now, I have children that are getting to the age that they can do these kinds of chores.  Plus, we’re all a little pale after a long winter of doing nothing but avoiding the cold…and the flu!

I just happen to have a large pile of gravel, so it seemed almost too perfect. So…I put them to work.  They spent an hour a day working on the driveway, filling in holes that were causing the shocks on my car to cringe every time I drove up it.  In one week…they got vitamin D, they worked every muscle they never knew they had, and they earned themselves the new Zelda game.  I figure it’s a win-win.  Plus, they got the satisfaction of a job well done!  This is something that they can’t really get putting away their laundry or dusting their t.v. stand.  I was so proud to see the pride they had in showing off their hard work.  Now…if I could just get them to do  it on a charity basis…

I did keep it age appropriate of course.  My oldest did the task of clearing the brush..as this is tricky because of briars.20160307_122725

My youngest…well, he took up the job of supervisor.  He did grab a pitchfork and request I take his picture for his father to see him working…obviously, he gets his work ethic from his mother…I mean father….

He’s the family scoundrel!  I’m so pleased with all of their hard work…this week, we are plowing for our Spring garden!

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