Social Media Education

So I made a list…a long list of all the things I do not understand in the social media list.   I realized in my Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/rarely used Twitter/Google+  world, I had no clue what a lot of these things were.  For a woman who works online so many hours a week, I was completely uneducated. I did not understand what Flickr, Tumblr, or Vine was. I only heard about snapchat over Christmas vacation from my younger sister in-law. Also, I only heard of Vine in passing. I was determined to figure out what a meme or a GIF was. (Which I have learned is pronounced jif.)
I first looked up Snapchat. Apparently you can post a picture temporarily and after a certain period of time, it goes away. Ummmm people can screenshot, so please young people, think twice. Not really my thing, but I’m told it’s really popular with the kids.
My second googled social media was Flickr. I like it! There were some very pretty pictures and I like pretty pictures. It kinda reminded me of Instagram but with a more anonymity (cause no one I know has a Flickr account). I have yet to create an account…but I can see it in my future.
I googled Vine. I can see how it would be fun if I had a lot of time to kill, however I don’t see myself using this app that can be used with your Twitter or Facebook. I mean, what would I do in 6 a second video that I might want to have looped over and over again?
Memes…this was a mystery to me. I kinda get the whole viral thing and such…but it wasn’t nearly as interesting as I thought it would be. Sooooo, people used to spread stories and catchy sayings by word of mouth…now they do it by internet.
Tumblr…I didn’t spend a lot of time on, it didn’t seem that interesting. It read kinda like a Facebook but not as popular to me.
GIF…pronunced jif. Basically a picture that can combine an actual picture and animation/movement. Cool, but I didn’t really get too interested in this one either.

I wasn’t very interested in many of these, but I do see their appeal for people a little younger or more social than myself. Either way, it was a learning experience.

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