12141067_1344889758860363_4709083910567549684_oYes, I admit it, I’ve been very lazy about date night. I realized while watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2″…I might have a bit in common with the characters.  Cute movie, doesn’t stray from the original.  So, it’s fast forward from the first one.  Dad works, Mom works…taking care of the parents and the kid…and you just kinda get lost.  Funny that I was watching this on our first date night in forever, right?  Funny movie…good message though! Accurate!

As partners, we MUST make time to still date each other.  Otherwise, you will find yourself with grown children who have better things to do and a stranger.  Sometimes, and we’ve all done it, we take for granted that we know each other so well and don’t move with the changes that we all go through.  So, I highly recommend this movie for date night.  (Also, it’s a good idea to stop for ice cream while you are out…just sayin’)

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