I realize that I’m a mother first..then a human.  I would just like, however, for the bathroom to be my sacred place.  The place I shower…the place I brush my teeth…the place that I pee!  However, I’m starting to wonder if that dream will ever come true.  When my daughter, who is almost 15, was a very small child, I let her come to the bathroom with me as a learning process for potty training.  When my twins were small, they followed me everywhere and I found it endearing.  Now my youngest child is about to turn 8…ENOUGH!!!  I’m pretty sure none of them really need my assistance in the time it takes me to pee.  Today, while peeing..these are some of the things I heard…

“Stop it Jerk-face!” -my 7 yr old followed by…”Mom, Riddick called me a Jerk-face…” from my 12 yr old (twin B) Of course, in my “mom” voice, I said, “well, don’t be a jerk-face”.

“Mom, what page am I on in my science book?”-my 12 yr old(twin A)  On a side note, I did respond by saying “THE NEXT ONE!”

“Mom, Brody is at the front door, you forgot to let him in again.” -my 14 yr old daughter

“Can I play the PS4 when my work is done?” -12 yr old (twin B)

“What’s for lunch?” -7 yr old…at 9:30 a.m.

This all transpired during one potty break…so you can imagine what happens when I blow dry my hair…or worse!!!! SHOWER!!!

#thestruggleisreal  #stopit #noreally #cantpeeinpeace


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