I remember being my daughter’s age and reading Seventeen magazine.  I will admit that things are not the same now as they were then.  The 90s were just awesome.  I still remember seeing the girls in magazines and thinking “if I lose just a few pounds…”.  I have noticed a trend lately.  I was reading People magazine, and I noticed there is a controversy about the term “plus sized”.  I didn’t give it a lot of thought.  I’ve always been caught in that space between skinny and a little chunky.  It’s just me and I accept it because I am healthy. Plus, most of the really thin people I know are not that pretty.

It’s almost Summer, and I prepare for this every year by getting my kids Summer clothes.  Now, I’m not in Florida, so our Summers are nothing like our Winters.  We seriously go from like 20 degrees a day to 100 degrees.  So…hence the Summer shopping.  I like to look online and choose stores that have things my kids may want to wear to take them shopping at.  So, I’m looking at the new styles for this year with my daughter in Seventeen magazine. OMG, HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO BLIND?!!! I’m so annoyed, I click on style and there are maybe 2 out of 25 articles that were about style and what is in style this year. (That could be an exaggeration, but this is my blog…so yeah)  The rest were all about something to do with imperfection.  I mean, when my 14 year old flips through a magazine that caters to teens and teen things…like fashion, I don’t want body image to be her primary focus.  Regular women doing magazine covers…plus size term controversy…model pictures pulled because she’s too skinny…  Whatever happened to just showing girls the damn clothes.  I don’t care what size the model is.  I really do not.  Why should my teenager be stressing body image?  I just think it’s gone too far.

Yes, by all means, put any size model you want in the magazine…I promise you, my daughter doesn’t care.  Just stop making such a big deal out of it.  There is a time and a place for that platform.  It’s not my daughter’s reading material.  She is a beautiful girl, she knows it.  I just think it’s a bit overboard for teenagers to constantly read about it!  I know that to make my daughter a strong woman…it starts at home.  Right here, in my house, where every morning, I say “Good Morning Beautiful, what are you having for breakfast?”

We all talk about the kind of mate we want for our daughters. The man who tells her how beautiful she is, and appreciates all the wonderful qualities she has.  (or girl…whichever, you know what I mean)  Why would you expect anything for your daughter from a mate that doesn’t even exist yet that you don’t expect from yourself?  My daughter knows that no matter what she’s wearing, she has beautiful eyes and  her smile lights up the room.  Not because a man told her, but because her parents told her.  She doesn’t need to try to look like someone else, because she’s told that what she is…is already beautiful.  Even more important, she beautiful on the inside.  She loves people and animals and it makes her shine.  She loves corny musicals and romance.  She’s so many things besides a clothing size.

If she never finds a man to tell her all the wonderful things about herself, she’s going to know it anyway. She’ll know it because she’s already been told.  I wish more people were more concerned with how their daughters feel about themselves than how their daughters look.  We live in a time where beauty is what we feel it is, and there is no reason that every young woman can’t feel beautiful.  Ok, that’s my rant for the moment. Considering she came in the living room last night in boots and Christmas Ninja Turtle pajamas…I don’t think she’s too concerned with her fashion statement…12936742_1354577434558262_6859247755913792785_n

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