Finds of the week…

I made two purchases this week that have brought super fun to the family…and neither is a video game!

The first purchase was the game “Clue”.  I played this as a child and loved it.  Then, I actually managed to find this sitting on a clearance shelf for $7.88.   I mean, who says that playing Clue isn’t learning?  We followed directions and had a lot of fun!

The second was basically a cash register.  However, the money that came with it was very realistic.  Also…it’s solar powered!  I know that only my youngest should have fun and learn with this.  Should.  However, your children can never have enough practice making their purchases.  They have to make sure they have enough money to cover their purchases…and they are learning to pay the taxes that are charged on almost everything!  What better way to learn than spending time doing something their little brother enjoys?!  Win/win!

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