Without rules..there would be complete chaos in my house.  I mean…there are 4 full time children, 1 part time manchild, 1 grown man that should be an adult but often acts like a child,  a yorkie and two huskies…ohhhh and there is poor ole me, the grown up who has to keep order.  So, these are the rules that usually get me though the day..

  1.  Don’t care who left it open, you should close it.
  2.  If you or any of your siblings are not broken or bleeding, do not yell at me while I’m working.
  3. If my bathroom door is closed, take 15 steps away from the door, and wait for my return. (This is the least followed rule.)
  4. Clean your room only if you want to. Just remember that if you don’t, I will. (And I use trash bags.)
  5. Do as I say, not as I do. (I can eat chocolate before breakfast if I want to. I am a grown up.)
  6. If the dog is beating on the door with his head…let him in!  It means Mom forgot him…again.
  7. Use indoor voices in the house.  If I can hear your outdoor voices while outside when I am in the house and it still sounds like you are screaming in my ear….use indoor voices outdoors too!
  8. If you harm yourself doing something I told you not to do, don’t tell me.  I will laugh and say “I TOLD YOU SO!”
  9. Privacy is not a requirement.  If I don’t get respect, neither do you.
  10. Brody (yorkie) is like another child. He must be treated like a brother.
  11. No cursing…unless it is football season..and Steelers are playing.

***All rules are subject to change at any time as I am Mom…keeper and enforcer of the rules.***

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