I love homeschooling.  Don’t get me wrong, I often say to myself, OMG…remember when you had free time?!  …but in general, I do love it.  There are definitely some pluses.

Plus #73934778289

My second grader had to take apart and put back together a geometric puzzle today.  He got stuck on this task and his older brother helped him.  Now, although I do not encourage it, my twins are some serious tattle tells.  They decided to tell me he only finished the assignment because he received help.  And to shut them up…I gave my second grader a pass. (This is the chaos that happens while I’m in the kitchen fixing lunch.)

Riddick (2nd grader): “Mooooooommmmmm, I’m done!”

Mom (aka me):  “That’s awesome, you put it all back together?”

Clint (twin): “Yeah right, he got help…”

Brent (other twin): “Well, I just helped him a little bit…but he couldn’t do it himself.”

Mom (aka me again): “First, Brent, kudos for helping your little brother. And Riddick, you not only got it done, but you managed to find a sucker to do the hard part…extra credit for you!”

Now, this is not the normal, but every now and then, someone should really tell them to piss off.  I mean I love them and all…lol

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