Now, I am aware that I curse like a sailor.  I have four children and three of them would never say a “bad” word.  I’m not sure how they turned out that good, but they did.  Now, I have this adorable child.  He looks like an angel when he sleeps.  Looks are certainly deceiving.

No one wants to be “that” mom.  You know the one,…with the out of control child who does bad things.  Perhaps I’m being dramatic, but I’m a dramatic woman.  So the other day, my son comes running to ask me what is wrong with his play station account.  I go to look and find that it has been temporarily suspended.  Now, I’m the hover mom who listens in on his headset to make sure the kid on the other side is a child when he plays online.  Though, like most moms, I’ll admit that my eyes leave the screen from time to time.

So, I’m sitting on hold for Playstation to find out why they have suspended my son’s account that I paid for.  He informed me one of the kids didn’t believe he was old enough to be playing and told him he’d report him.  So, here I am going off about this to the poor guy on the online chat.  He kindly informed me that my son’s account is suspended for 7 days because he broke policy and said some offensive things.

At this point I turn to my son also reading the chat, and advise him to tell me before the man at Playstation did.  At this point, he breaks down in tears and I can barely make out what he is saying, but I did manage to catch, “ok I said some bad words”, “I’m sorry”, “Can you fix it?”, and “Do we have to tell Daddy?”…grrr

The answer was “no” and “yes” to those questions in case you were not sure.  Since Daddy uses the Playstation for Madden…yeah, he wasn’t happy either.  Honestly, the man wasn’t even mad his son called someone a “b*tch  *ss”, he was mad about losing his privileges !  Needless to say, he’s off the Playstation indefinitely for now.   The child, not the man.  Though, I have to say,  it’s so hard to stay mad at a kid who wakes up every morning with a smile like this…20160501_082108

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