I know that you have all been wondering where I went…my super awesome handful of loyal readers.  (Thank you by the way, it makes me super happy to see my inbox showing someone actually viewed something I posted!)

Well…I went to prom…but they made me leave after a few pictures of super handsome manchild.  Yes, I had a mental breakdown at the grown up walking through the crowd in his tux.  I mean, you know that they are grown ups, but sometimes it just hits you!  I teased my dog from top of ladder while working on my chicken coop.  I refilled my fruit basket…with chocolate.  That’s a fruit, right?  I seriously did some coloring…except it wasn’t the calming experience they tell you it is if you are an OCD nerd trying for perfection.  See the blue things below?  Well, my father in law had open heart surgery.  Good news, he is doing well!  Also, it gave me a chance to stock up on the little throw up bags they put in dispensers all over the hospital.  Don’t judge me…twins still get car sick!

Also, I’ve been trying to get some walking in…exercise is super important in those 30s…I really miss my 20s.  I found a large field and suddenly thought I should break out into song “The Hills Are Alive…”. FYI I cannot sing.  We have obviously been working on our garden AND WE HAVE THINGS GROWING!!!  Kids are not really enjoying the work…but that’s ok, they don’t have to.  They still have to do it. When the zombies take over the world, they will know how to grow things to eat. Just sayin’.

I babysat my niece and nephew while their parents were at the hospital. (The FIL heart surgery mentioned above.)  Me niece is very talented.  She told me she could lick her armpit. I said, “NO WAY!”  She showed me that she was no liar.  Also, I worked really hard at my job…while making dinner…and doing laundry.  No one tell my boss! shhhh

We celebrated Mother’s Day also.  My husband pictured bringing me flowers and gifts and dinner out.  I asked for labor. You know, the kind that gets stuff done around the house. Good thing Bigdaddysexyman, aka husband,  loves me.  That just about sums up my last couple of weeks…super exciting…I know!

Notice the top right pic below…there really is no off season here. #STEELERNATION

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