As usual, I waited all week for the weekend.  As usual, I spent the entire weekend catching up with everything. This is not a complaint.  I love keeping busy.  I love keeping the kids busy.  I love seeing the fruits of our labor.  Seeing our garden grow…taking care of our animals…even weed eating a bank.  It all produces something for us.  It’s hard labor, but it’s good labor.  Someday, when my children are grown, they will tell their own children about their life and I want them to tell stories about how hard they worked.  Working hard is one of the few things I’ve always been proud of.  There are so many things in life that we cannot control, but our work ethic isn’t one of them.  My father was a hard worker.  Even now, he never waste a day.  When he has something he doesn’t want to do, but needs done, he just sucks it up and gets it done.  I like to think I take after him.

I did get in a shopping trip with my daughter.  She doesn’t like shopping usually…but she really enjoyed this shopping trip.  Us girls gotta get away from the boys once in a while.  Plus, she seriously needed some new clothes for Summer. 20160521_203310

I also managed to do a week’s grocery shopping and getting my hairy son a haircut.  He came out looking like a new man.  20160522_104858  I mean, the kid is adorable!

Since my garden is growing like crazy, I seriously needed a scarecrow.  So, my children and I got busy!  We named him Navy Jones.  (Navy because his shirt is Old Navy.  Davey Jones the pirate because we like pirates…get it? NAVY Jones…lol)

Then, I went chicken shopping…20160522_194135

While my boys were hard at work with the chickens, I got some grilling and much needed weed eating done.  There it is, the end to a very short weekend.  However, I did manage to in some relaxation.  Mr. Handsome and I spent the twilight of our evening cuddling up on the swing in the yard.  20160522_201251  Yes, that is grass in my hair.  As I mentioned, I had been weed eating.  Now, that is how I spend a wild weekend.  I may have to go back to work to get some rest…

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