It’s official…we are not just dog farmers, potato farmers…green bean, peas and corn farmers.  We are also chicken farmers!!!  My hard working man and his boys got to work building us a crooked, but awesome chicken pen.  The crooked is very hard for my bigdaddysexyman.  He’s a perfectionist.  We live in the middle of nowhere though and he was working with scraps since everything seems to be closed when he isn’t working. (This entire chicken coop cost us around $20.)

I’m sure my main squeeze will appreciate that he was bent over with his butt stuck up in both of the above pictures 😛

So, off we took to the flea market…an hour away from Nowhereville.  We easily located our chickens.  Chickens in the country can be found at any flea market…along with goats, pigs, and turkeys.  Now, it’s a given that these chickens will never be eaten…at least not by us.  I mean, it’s always possible, though we try to keep them safe, that something could get to them.  Since they are for eggs and responsibility purposes, we named them.  We got one rooster.  His name is Big Daddy McNugget.  Then, we got four laying hens:  Geneva (after a friend of my father), Mary Simpson (another friend of my father who is long deceased), Lorraine McFly(Back To the Future), and Betty Sue.

If nothing else, they are at least cute.  Wish us luck!

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