So, I’m going to tell you a story.  It has a point. Few facts.  I’m an overprotective mother.  The one you see that holds her kid’s hand when going through a parking lot..even though he’s now 8 and not necessary.  I am the mother who makes the kid eat 3 meals a day whether they are hungry or not.  I am the mother that hovers over their online activity and reviews every person they come in contact with.  Yup, call me OCD Mom.  It’s because I love my kids and want no harm to happen to them.  Sound familiar? Probably.  As mothers, we want to make sure nothing hurts our cubs.  Now, I have a point.  Stay with me here.  This story happened well over 10 yrs ago, but it always sticks with me.

As the mother of small children, it was very common for me to keep the doors locked when my now teenage sons were toddlers. As you can imagine, their nap time became my free time.  The only free time I had.  It was not uncommon for me to spend their nap relaxing in the tub. One day, after checking that they had went to sleep, the baby gate was up, and the doors were all locked, I ran a bath.  No one else was home, so I left the bathroom door open so I could hear them.  They were literally across the very small hall.  A few minutes into my bath, there was a knock on the door.  It was the neighbor bringing home my twins.  Quietly, they had gotten up, crawled over a baby gate, unlocked the front door, and went next door.

Question, how many of us have put the kids down for a nap and flipped on a few minutes of t.v.? taken a bath? napped ourselves? went into the kitchen to clean it up?  Thought so.  I don’t think it made me a horrible person.  It did make me cry every day for months thinking of what could have happened.   Things happen and it doesn’t make us bad people or even horrible parents.  See, told you I had a point.

Now, about that gorilla thing.  I’m not saying the mother did nothing wrong. I’m not saying she did.  What I am saying, is that I’m sorry that it happened.  I’m sorry the gorilla was killed.  I understand that it was the quickest way to ensure the child’s safety.  I’m glad the kid is ok.  I will not pass judgement on that mother.  Just as I will not pass judgement on any mother for one mistake.  (unless she’s a crack head with a starving child cause she sold all her food stamps to buy a crack rock…another story entirely)  As moms, let’s all show some support and just be glad this child is safe. All I have to say 😉

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