If you have read my blog, you know that I’m all about trying to spread around some happiness and gratitude for the things we have.  My newest idea…which I seriously think should go global.  I got this idea while standing in the check out line at Wal-Mart.  Every day at work, I try to find a quote that inspires and post it for everyone to see.  It gets really good reviews and everyone seems to enjoy it.  Just some famous people saying some things that make sense and inspire happy thoughts.

Back to my Wal Mart story.  I have a hard time with random thoughts…and no, I don’t have ADHD.  My nephew does, I’ve seen ADHD…I’m just random.  So, there was an elderly man behind me in line.  Since I am a very talkative woman, I struck up conversation.  He made my day.  This lovely man told me I reminded him of an old girlfriend because my eyes sparkle when I smile and that was rare.  Be still my heart.  He said I’d made an old man’s day.  And with his kind words, he had made mine.  Making other people happy just really makes me happy.  It’s like a high.  I mean, I’ve never been on drugs…but I’m pretty sure it makes me high.  No urge to test the theory as I’ve seen effects of drugs used for recreation.  Talk about a mess.

So, I had this idea that I could anonymously make people happy just by sharing with them a quote that really just inspires.  Taking a little of my time and writing them a sincere wish for inspiration.  So, I dug out the index cards I’ve had forever but never use and got to work.  The theory is to just leave a card everywhere I go.  Someone is bound to find it.  They might think it’s silly and just toss in the trash…or they might just have a better day.  Let’s hope for the latter.  Either way, it only cost me a little bit of time and good wishes.

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