Now, I will not mention a company as I’ve worked for a few. However, I do want to share some of the stories I’ve heard at work.  Some people really just don’t think it through!

There was a woman, we’ll call her Sally.  Sally called in because she needed to miss a couple days of work.  Her husband died.  Now Sally was already fun. She had said once her daughter was shot in the arm…no idea why.  She stated the police were at her door for a car wreck that had happened at some point…no idea why police showed up.  However, her husband passed away and we were all there for her.  She didn’t miss a lot of work because she needed the money.  Imagine our surprise when her dead husband called two months later to say that Sally died of a heart attack the night before. I googled, and she really did die.  Pulled up her online obituary.

Now, I worked for a work at home company with a man and woman who were married.   They were truly always together.  Sitting next to each other at home working day in and day out.  Nice people.  Husband calls in because their internet wasn’t working.  Too bad he didn’t call in when his wife wasn’t working…since they share the same internet source. Dude did not think it through.

While working one day, woman asked me if I could get her early go home due to volume.  She had an emergency doctor appointment she really didn’t want to miss.  I had no clue the emergency room made appointments.

Once, while working, a woman closed out everything and even clocked out.  Then she stated the next day she disappeared because she passed out.  Apparently a magic fairy came along and shut down her system.  Lucky for her the tiny fairy even remembered to clock her out!

The same woman, the one who passed out, had a very rough time.  She missed work one day because her fiance died.  She then brought the deceased fiance to a business dinner for work.  He looked really good to have been dead for six months.

Now, the thing about working from home, every now and then, you will get the person who comes to work drunk.  However, when you get so drunk that you are yelling at customers, they will call back in and report you.  Of course, agent was ready with excuse, it was her cold meds that did it.

Of course, there are the “incident” people.  A woman at work, we’ll call her June.  June said her system wasn’t working, she couldn’t hear anyone.  She was called by a supervisor…and almost got by with this fiction, but her giggles got the best of her.  She giggled at the end of the test call.  She, above all people, should have known she was recorded.  There was a man who forgot to hit mute when telling his wife at home, “Honey, this will be a long call.”

Once, a woman who was hired for Spanish speaking…but forgot how to speak Spanish when doing a proficiency test.  She stated it was because of a death in the family.

And my most favorite was the guy who did a test call with me every single day where he said, “Thank you and have a blessed day.”  Then he got to work room where everyone was and discussed strip club music from the 90s and marijuana emojis… This same man once told a customer not to get hateful with him, he had spoken with him the day before and he was crying like a baby.

I mean, there really is no way to make this stuff up.  I just wonder why people don’t think before they speak.  If you are going to kill off a family member in a lie, at least make it someone who has already died.  Then you are sure not to screw up and mention them..or worse, bring them to work functions!

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