It is no secret that I’m a little bit country.  OK…a lot country, hillbilly even.  This is the best time of year for me.  My kids are swimming…my garden is producing…raspberries and blackberries growing in abundance…I love Summer!  (Well, except for that damn birthday making me older every year.)  One of my favorite things to make…FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!!!  Thought I’d share.  First you need some beautiful green tomatoes.



Then you want to slice them up, pretty thin.  Then you want to make some batter….few eggs, little milk…mix together…toss slices in and make sure they are all covered.  In another bowl, mix about half flour (self rise is what I use) and half corn meal.  Take each slice out of egg batter and plop it in the flour/meal mix.  make sure it’s good and coated.  I use olive oil, but don’t be picky, vegetable oil works too.  I heat my skillet a little above medium with oil in it and lay the mater(tomato) slices in single layers.  When the mater turns good and brown, I flip it over.  These do not take long at all, few minutes on each side.  Remove, let cool…well, I try to let them cool.  I’ve burned my mouth more than once with my impatience. Poof…fried green maters…slurppppppppppp

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