I thought Summer would be a nice break from a long winter of being stuck inside and homeschooling.  Now, I’ve got puppies running around, a garden ready to be picked…kids enjoying the great outdoors. Yeah, so much for a break!

Now, it is no secret that my green thumb is a dark brown-blackish color when it comes to house plants.  I have killed every plant I’ve ever brought in this house.  Too much sun, not enough…too much water, not enough…you get the point. However, apparently…I can grow vegetables!!  I realized I might be a bit  overjoyed while digging up potatoes   when I noticed my father laughing at me the same way he laughs at a toddler eating chocolate cake.  I’ve always heard gardening is good therapy.  That may be true, but let’s face it, it’s a lot of hard darn work….but look at my awesome!!!!

Vegetables are not the only thing keeping me busy though, I’ve also got this litter of super adorable puppiessss!  I may have become a little attached…knowing I cannot keep them!  With the feedings and the worming and the shots…sheesh they keep me busy.  Not to mention…they climb like monkeys!


Now…to find them homes…good homes! I just keep reminding myself that they are cute now and will grow up to be huge cute animals that I do not have the money to feed!

So, while most teachers are enjoying their Summers off…and kids are swimming…and the other ladies I work with are leaving work to enjoy their quiet evenings with a glass of wine….I’m over here in the sticks reminding myself I enjoy all this work.lol


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