Summer is supposed to be the time we all have fun and relax, right?  Ummmm sure, except I still have 4 kids, a chickens, the dogs, the garden, and ohhhh yeah, the job.  I think I’m busier in Summer than I am in Winter.  It’s all good though!  I do have another set of rules for my children though.  I mean, we all have to make adjustments.

  1.  If you sleep through breakfast, you get no breakfast.  It’s not like we have breakfast at the crack of dawn.  If your butt sleeps until noon, it’s lunch time.
  2. To prevent rule number one, also known as breakfast starvation, NO SLEEPING UNTIL PAST NOON.  I still have to get up at 7am.  You don’t have to be up that early, but you will be up at a decent time.  I mean, if you stay up too late, I’ll be happy to give you a wake up call.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll yell at the top  of my lungs and throw pillows at your head.  Whatever works.
  3. The pool is not a bath tub.  Chlorine is not soap.  You are too old to skip a daily bath, especially in the Summer heat!  Enough said? BOYS!
  4. I do not care if you  hate vegetables.  Your butt will work in my garden.  You will make sure that my veggies live…so that I can force you to eat them later.
  5. You will read an hour a day.  It’s a good habit to have your entire life.  I do not care if you read a comic or a book…Lego directions…the back of a cereal box.  Whatever floats your boat, but you will read!
  6. You will spend time with me.  Why not?  I’m fun. I gave you life, and you owe me!
  7. You do not get to spend more time playing video games.  I’d rather you played in Winter when it’s too cold to get out…and if you need something to do, I will provide a list.
  8. No teasing your mother about snakes because you know they scare her.  I will wait until you go to bed and jump out of your closet.  Golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated.  Remember, I am not above revenge.
  9. The weather is beautiful, take all skateboards and scooters OUTSIDE…enough said. Outside as in NOT INSIDE!
  10. I bought a new knob for washing machine because y’all broke it learning to use said machine.  Do not let that knob die in vain! Use your skills people and wash your clothes!
  11. Last, but not least…Dogs and chickens are hot….WATER THEM!  I AM NOT PLAYING, THIS IS NOT A CHOICE!

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