Why is it so important that we have an opinion about everyone else?  I seriously detest gossip.  I like the quote, “The buck stops here.”  Yes, I did swipe that from President Truman.  It meant the responsibility stops right here with me.  In other words, I personally am holding myself accountable for stopping this gossip right where I heard it.  By the way, your not so true friends will find your refusal to participate annoying.  If you flat out tell them that gossiping isn’t nice…well, they just get plumb mad.  On a happy note, you no longer have to worry about hearing their mouth cause they stop talking to you.  Of course, you are now probably the object of their gossip fest.  However, as I tell my children, never worry about anything that can’t be said to your face.

We have all heard gossip, and most of us have participated. I know I’m guilty.  I wish I could go back in time to the silly teenager my father raised, and stuff a sock in my mouth.  I seriously get anxiety over the fact that at times in my life, I know that I’ve hurt people.  Whether it was my intention or not, I did it.  Of course, some of us grow out of it.  Some of us do not!  I mean, if I haven’t seen you in 6 months, why would you park your cart in the middle of the aisle at Wal Mart to tell me that your uncle’s son’s wife is pregnant…and you hope it’s your cousin’s child cause two years ago they split up for a while and she was seeing someone else. FYI, pregnancy is usually only 9 months.  Point being, why are you telling me this about someone I barely know?  Why are you spreading this information about your family?  Why are you telling me in public? WHAT DID THESE PEOPLE DO TO YOU TO DESERVE YOU TELLING PEOPLE THIS???  Let’s just say after I kindly asked these questions out loud to the person telling me…she no longer speaks to me. I mean, I just wondered why she would do that to that family.  I’m still annoyed about that incident.  Let’s just say, I ended that conversation with, “and if they are happy, I wish nothing but the best for them and their new bundle of joy.”  Guessing she still doesn’t get it.

I don’t care who it is, even if it’s one of my parents.  I will not judge someone on the method they school their children.  How many times they have been married.  If they had an affair, if their significant other cheated on them.  If they have kids, don’t have kids, how many kids they have.  If they keep their dog outdoors or indoor.  If their house is messy…I sure as heck wouldn’t judge that one!  If they are anal about their kids dressing or let their kids go in the store barefoot with food on their face. (Again, I’ve done that…not on a regular basis…but it has happened.)  Don’t care if you wear your pajamas in public, don’t wanna see your boobs but don’t care if you dress like a hooker or a nun.  Could care less if you are breastfeeding your baby in the middle of IHOP or if you curse or don’t.  I’m partial to sailor mouthing myself, but whatever floats your boat.  Don’t care if you make your money as a stripper…only wish I had that kind of confidence.

I homeschool…oh yeah, we all know I get some serious judgement.  I kinda don’t really care.  My kids, my choice, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  If you don’t like it…don’t homeschool.  I have always done things a little off the beaten path.  You know, the whole road less traveled kinda thing.  I’ve always been ok with that, too.  I work from home, I homeschool, I yell at my kids when they misbehave…I yell at my husband when he misbehaves, I grow a garden, and give my kids a little hard work.  My husband was addicted to his pain meds years ago and though he wasn’t a full blown heroin/crack addict…he was still an addict.  (Heads up, if you do not use your Loritabs as rx by your doctor, you are still an addict.  Just cause it’s a pill that a doctor can give you, doesn’t make you better than the people doing meth.  An addict is an addict.)  He got the help he needed, and I’m proud that he beat that demon.  My first child was born out of wedlock…or I wasn’t married to her father.  Honestly, if you met the guy, you’d know it would have been a disaster.  My point?  EVERY family has “things”.  My brother went to jail for getting drunk and shooting a hole in the ceiling with people in the house…apparently an occupied dwelling is the term the judge uses.  Ok, back to my point.  Shit happens! It makes us who we are, shows our strengths and I’m proud of what and who I am, the grown up I’ve become.

There really is no point in judging others because if we look in the mirror, the person looking back at us is the one we need to be worried about. I mean, on any given day, I see things I could do different and make better.  That’s what I think I’ll work on today because I don’t need to use someone else’s struggle to make myself feel better.  The only thing that will make me feel better about myself, is to do my best to make right decisions and when I make mistakes, do my best to fix them.  What if everyone did their best to lift others up, stop the spread of that rumor,  and work on making ourselves a better person?  IKR…in a perfect world.   If we aren’t doing our best to help the problem though…we are adding to the problem, and I for one, have no urge to do that.


Don’t judge me! 

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