I find myself wishing my life away.  I wish it were time for vacation. I wish it were the weekend.  I wish I wish I wish…my whole life being wished away before my very eyes.  It’s been such a busy summer with the garden, the work, the kids…and I can’t make it slow down.   Try as I might, I wish for the weekend.

This has been a big year for us.  My oldest child (step child, cause we all know I’m way too young to have an adult for a child) turned 18, became employed, graduated high school , accepted to college AND he got a tatoo.  I mean, that is a lot to take in!  Did I mention I have four other children?  My oldest turned 15 in July.  I read somewhere having a teenager was like being pecked to death by a chicken.  I have yet to be murdered by  a chicken, but I hope it’s not as painful as being parent to a teenager.  My twins, who will be teenagers in a month, have started the “p” word. Yup..puberty.  By the way, do not get emotional when they get a pimple or their voices crack… They do not like that.  Then there is my youngest.  He seriously broke the mold, reason he is youngest, having no more!  This was the year he learned to swim underwater…and the Summer he got banned from Playstation Network for a week due to using a bad word.  (And no, he was never under the impression it was ok to do that from his parents!)

Now, I look back at the beginning of Summer and wish it were longer.  I won’t have many more years with all of my kids here to hang out with me, and it makes me so sad.  How long will they help me dig taters from the garden? (taters = potatoes)  How much longer will I be able to watch them play in the pool and yell at them for horse playing?  OMG  It’s all going way too fast.  Even though I have no urge to finish working today and arguing school work with a certain eight year old, I’m going to try my best not to wish away this Monday.  (Try is the key word.)

Yes, I mentioned school.  We started our school year this morning.  Typical…already arguing with my youngest.  The sooner we start, the more days we get in, the more we can afford to take a day or two off in the middle of Winter.  I mean, when you go day after day after day…once in a while, you need to take a free day! So, as you may have guessed, I’m ready to pull out my hair today…but I’m still going to try my very best not to wish away my time!

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