My daughter loved her long hair.  As a mother, you want to let your children make their own decisions.  I told her, so long as you brush it and take care of it, you may grow it as long as you wish.  Now, my daughter, pretty as her hair was, did not take proper care of this super long mess.  Yes, I said mess.  Keely was born at 1lb 12.4 oz.  She’s really a miracle.  15 years ago, it was not as common for a baby born at 26 weeks to survive.  She had no major surgeries.  In fact, she looked perfect, just a tiny baby.  To me, she was perfect.  However, when a baby is that small, it requires a lot time and steroids and antibiotics.  It’s not uncommon with all the IVs and breathing machines, for tiny babies to get infections, which required a lot of antibiotics.  I consider myself lucky that I was so young, I never thought for a second that she wouldn’t make it.  I look back now, with the knowledge I’ve gained within the last 15 years, and realize what a miracle it truly was.  Due to all of the medications she received, or just the fact she was so small, she is classified as mildly mentally retarded.  I won’t say she suffers from it, because she doesn’t.  It merely means that she has to work harder to retain some information, and there are delays we have to work on.   She’s also deaf in one ear.  My daughter has never let this affect her quality of life, as we have never treated her differently.  I still yell at her for not cleaning her room, and I still expect her to wash her dishes.  Now…to my point.  Motor skills are a pain in the ass for her sometimes…like brushing her super thick super long hair.  Of course, I offered on a regular basis to brush, flat iron etc etc.  As a teenager, with a seriously bad attitude, she declined…flat out refused my assistance.  Yay for independence?  So, it had come to the point that I informed her…the hair must go!

Now, after fighting about this for two years, she finally agreed, her life would be much easier if we cut some of the mess off.  Did I also mention the girl has a heart of gold? She does.  We chose to donate this mess of hair.  I mean, it really is beautiful hair, and if we are going to cut it, why not give it?  So, my first thought was “Locks of Love”.  I actually heard that people have to pay for those wigs.  Now, I get it.  Even if people give the hair, it can take 8-15 pony tails to make a wig.  That’s what I read online anyway.  I don’t fault the company for it if it’s true, making the wig is a lot of money, but I wanted this hair to be a gift for someone. So, I did a little research…meaning I asked my sister in-law, then googled, then called the company. I found Pantene Pro-V has a program.  Click here for site.  There are a few rules which we had no problem with.  Hair needs to be at least 8 inches, no dyes or grey, in a pony tail or braid when cut, and pretty healthy.  Lucky for someone, this child had a mass of very healthy hair.  The woman who cut it said it was the thickest pony tail she had ever cut.  I really believe this!

I thought that Keely would be really upset to see it go.  I was so wrong.  She looks older, and loves that!  Her head is lighter.  It’s easier to run a brush through and go.  Plus, she loved knowing she would be helping someone, giving them something that money can’t buy.  I mean, technically money can buy you hair, but you get the point.  I’m so proud of her for really embracing the spirit!  She donated 13 inches of hair, and we are super excited for someone to get this!

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