So, I come from the mountains, and I hate when people think I’m uneducated or weird because of my accent.  I was sitting here looking at ancestry though, and it occurred to me, I really do have an odd family. I know my post are completely random and off the wall, but here are a few interesting facts:

  1. My grandfather on my mother’s side..he had 3 women that named a son after him.  (He wasn’t very faithful as two of the mothers were pregnant at the same time.)
  2.  My father once got drunk and shot my pig.  (It was a piggy bank though, not a live animal.)
  3. My husband actually rides his lawnmower to the nearby gas station to fill it up with gas.
  4. I do own 4 dogs and 5 chickens. (Enough said.)
  5. My garden scarecrow is wearing Old Navy clothes and a I’ve had friends tell me he dresses nicer than them.
  6. We spent a large amount of time as children “pickin’ a switch”.
  7. I commonly refer to myself as my father’s “Mid-Life Crisis”…since he was almost 40 when I was born to him and his 17 years younger wife.
  8. I called my grandmother “Granny” and my children call my father “Pappy”.  Personally, I think it’s adorable.
  9. My mother has been pulled over on the interstate for going too slow.
  10. My father’s home remedy for a bee sting is to put chewing tobacco on the sting.  Did I mention it should already be chewed?
  11. My 8 year old had never used seen a real sprinkler system until vacation…and he enjoyed it more than the beach!
  12. My brother literally went to jail for shooting into an occupied dwelling. (He shot the ceiling.)
  13. 20160907_081906

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