I will disclose I had some serious PMS!  Last week, everything I did was wrong.  My kids weren’t listening.  They were not learning.  I asked my son for a state answer in history and he said Canada.  (I mean, the kid is 8, but he knows Canada is the country above us.)  He quickly corrected himself, but that response lodged in my head.  I was like I failing that badly?  Have I taught him nothing?  Did I take on more than I can handle? What the hell was I thinking?  These children need a professional, not me!!!

After having a long cry, and shutting myself out of Mommy Mode for a day.  I came to a conclusion on Saturday.  My kids were hyper because we just came back from vacation and it’s another school year beginning.  I had PMS, and I was not being rational.  I am a failure sometimes, but then again, so is our public school system.  It’s all ok, correct the child and move on!  Here are a few of the common failures I have:

  1. Sometimes when my kid gives me too much slack about a vegetable, I give him a Flintstones vitamin and let him get by without eating it.
  2. I buy way too much takeout because I work a lot and school my children and we are raising a garden,chickens, and we have 5 dogs! (Yes, I have spent all day in my garden growing us veggies and been too tired to cook dinner after, and ordered pizza.  Major fail.)
  3. If he isn’t covered in dirt…I often let my 8 year old skip a day of bathing.  Wretched, I know!
  4. Once every 6 months, cake is what’s for breakfast.
  5. Once every couple of months, it is ok to take a lazy day and watch movies instead of doing school work.  Those days are very special to us around holidays.  Making peanut butter fudge and decorating a Christmas tree…who is it really hurting?  Besides, my kids don’t get snow days.
  6. I don’t give my kids a bedtime on Saturday night.  Horrible.
  7. I do sneak vegetables in smoothies in the blender and tell them it’s just the fruit peels.  (Whatever works.)
  8. I totally count cookie baking as science and math credit.  (Chill out, it’s not a daily thing…or even weekly.)
  9. I curse like a sailor sometimes…in front of my children. (My parents did it too…they know they cannot repeat and are taught about appropriate behavior.)
  10. I let my children hear me lie.  That’s right.  I will often tell a little white lie. I’m sorry, I can’t, I have to work.  Sorry, I don’t have time…won’t be home…blah blah blah.  They are learning how to nicely tell people “no” without hurting feelings…at least, that is what I tell myself.

So, it’s true, I’m an epic failure. Daily.  That’s ok though, I have yet to meet anyone successful.

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