Every year, I can’t wait for vacation.  Never mind the fact that it cost me a boatload of hard earned money. Who cares that it marks the end of Summer…back to school and cold weather…. It’s the week of the year that I don’t have to care what happens at work.  I have no schedule, no plans.  When people ask me what I plan for vacation, I simply let them know I do not schedule what we do on vacation.  It’s the week I don’t have to.  Now, with that said, IT’S FREAKING EXHAUSTING!

I mean, 4 children and 1 manchild!  I mean that is 5 kids all in close quarters.  I’m lucky they are not strangling each other by the end of the week.  The good news is, they all have a great time, and they are excited to get home.  I have an uncle, that I don’t like, but not the point.  He once told me, after his kids were grown, the only thing he wished he’d done when his girls were younger, was to take more family vacations.  I think he made sense, for once in his life.  I mean, when i became an adult, I knew nothing about traveling.  I’d been a few places, but not many.   There were those endless trips to Maryland to visit family.  We all know how awesome those vacations are.  Where you travel to visit family you don’t really know, and you are stuck listening to adults chatter all day while you watch t.v. in a house that smells like old people.  Not exactly the stuff childhood dreams are made of.

So, I try to make it a point to take the kids to a place they have not seen before.  This year…Destin, Florida!  Bee you tee full!!!  I have seen places that may be more fun for children.  This area is centered around the beach as main attraction.  Fine by me!  It is the most beautiful colored water, like an emerald.  I guess that’s the theory of Emerald Isle, huh?!  We did find plenty to do on the boardwalk, and traffic was not horrible.  Plus, I finally got to put my kids in a bubble!!! I mean, a bubble!

20160906_134928Now, the kids loved being hamsters…and I have to admit, I loved watching them!  Plus, did I mention, I got to put my kids in a bubble!!!!

We decided, with a group this large, the smartest thing to do, would be to rent a house.  Even though we didn’t use the kitchen a lot, it was very handy for storing snacks and drinks.  We had a full bath and a half bath…must have for a group this large, two toilets!  Plus, we had 3 televisions.  Perfect for a family trying to get kids to settle down for the night.  I think house/condo rentals will be in our future vaca plans!  Too bad I have to wait a whole other year to do another vacation!  Back to reality, but with some great memories.  I’m exhausted, and I really could use a week to get over this one, but it was all worth it!

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