What a week?!  It’s supposed to be Fall…where we bake cookies and enjoy the leaves and blah blah blah!  This week…my twins turned 13.  I’m an emotional wreck…and they are ditching me for their grandfather?  HELLO…I gave you life, spend your day of birth with me.  I knew I should not have taken them birthday shopping the week before their birthday.  They took my gifts and hung out with my dad all day.  Yet, I still welcomed them home that evening with more gifts and cake.  I think I have a “please let me be your favorite person” problem.

As if that were not enough, annual eye exam…two of my children got glasses.  Well,  ordered glasses, but you get the point.  They should be in today.  I mean, they are not a 24/7 thing, but it’s still glasses.  My daughter is super excited since she’s been wearing the fake ones for years.  My son?  Yeah, he was pissed.  I was like, “You only have to wear them when you are reading or watching tv or playing video games or on the computer…ok, sorry son, you have to wear them all the time.”  This should be fun.

And to cap off a very long week with a new training group at work after coming off of my vacation?  My Steelers lost…I mean got beaten 34-3.  How does that even happen?  Tissue please.  I think my daughter is bad luck.  I’ve tried for years to get her to watch.  She finally sits down to watch…and look what happened.  She is now banned from watching.

Ohhhhhh, and the best part.  The icing on the cake. I went to the gym and the brakes were stuck.  Yes, my brakes started smoking.  FYI…DO NOT GRAB THE FIRST THING YOU SEE TO COOL DOWN THE BRAKES!  (Weed eater oil will cause the thing to start flaming.)  Thank goodness for that energy drink to put out the fire.  I really wanted to drink it though.  Yes, I do know you should not pour something cold on brakes that hot, because it will break the brake.  However, when it’s watching the thing go up in flames or purchase new brake parts…you will pour the cold liquid on the tire.  Sad part is, I was going to get more chickens after the gym, but I didn’t get to. 😦  (Only in the sticks, can you spend a weekend morning GTC…gym tan chickens.)

So,  here is hoping for a better week….cause if this week isn’t better, y’all can find me at the local beer joint slumped in a corner somewhere hiding 😉

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