When you find out your man has been googling ways to make you happy, it is really an eye opener.  First of all, I wasn’t unhappy, but why didn’t he know that? It has to be that I’m not showing him that.  Without knowing I had done it, I had moved him down the list of priorities.  I mean between the kids and the dogs and the house and the work…I’d moved the man from partner to another mouth to feed at dinner time.  Whyyyyyyyyyy??? When did this happen?  This is serious.  I mean,  they say the first year of marriage is the hardest.  Let’s face it, it’s really the first 5 years.  Not the point.  I’m in year 15, I should have this down by now.  And in my comfort, I had forgotten that marriage too, needs work. So, if he cares enough to google, so do I.

I found the most amazing site, I loveeeeeeeee it. MARRIAGE365 LINK  It’s all about nurturing your relationship.  Awesome tips and reminders for those of us, who in our busy lives, forget to take care of this gift we have of sharing our lives with someone.  I’m not saying that if you do not have a  marriage, you and your children will be unhappy.  I mean, some people are not married and are perfectly happy…divorced, never married, etc.  There are always exceptions.  I am saying that my kids are happier when we are in harmony, personal experience.  So, if you find yourself in a slump, pure laziness…tired…forgot to remember to work on the relationship that you think is your most solid relationship..check the site out!

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