Ok, I’ve been working at home for years now.  I mean, I’m a college drop out…it would cost me more in daycare than it would be worth it for me to work outside of the home….I tend to be a hermit.  For all of these reasons, I enjoy working at home.  People ask me all the time, how do you do it?  Even more, they ask me how they can do it.

First of all, if you are reading adds that say “I make $350 an hour working from home” can skip them.  Sure, it could happen. Likely? NO!  Be realistic.  I started out working for a company that did customer service for a major satellite company making $10 an hour.  Was it fun? Sometimes.  There was paid vacation, decent hourly wage, incentives.  I made more off of sales than I did an hour.  It’s my country bumpkin accent.  People eat that crap up.  I wanted a part time job to help my family do the things we wanted to do.  I didn’t want to stress the bills.  You have to look at legitimate companies.  Maybe you will become an internet sensation.  It’s possible.  I’m not here to dash dreams, I’m just being realistic.

Second, do you have what you need or can you get it?  You need high speed internet, a decent computer, the ability to replace your computer if you have to, a home phone most of the time, and a quiet work space.  Working at home isn’t working while watching the kids play in the floor and baking a cake.  You cannot have a two year old in the background, if you do phone work, frowned upon and subject to termination for most companies!  It’s just that…WORK!  You have to have your tools, and you have to designate that time to “working”.

Third, you must accept, it can be a bit suffocating.  If you are a people person who can’t live without seeing other people all day, maybe this isn’t for you.  You must find balance in your life.  It is not always easy to not see people all day.  However, you will become best friends with your co workers.  I mean, my best friends work with me every day, and I’ve only met a few of them.

There are serious advantages.  You don’t need gas in the car.  You never have to go out in the rain or cold temps.  You can work in your pajamas.  I don’t suggest that one.  You want to keep your sanity and that means doing the every day things most people do.  GET DRESSED.  You can drink coffee all from your kitchen…

Just keep in mind that you really, really have to be realistic.  You can work from home, but make sure your expectations are on point 😉

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