“Mom, no one listens to Justin Bieber anymore.” -daughter

“Yes they do, he’s all over the radio.” -mom…breaking out into song…”Everybody gets high sometimes ya know….”

“Mom…have you ever been high?” -daughter

I have always felt honesty is the best policy.

“Yes, and it is not that great.” -Mom (Please keep in mind, we have discussed drugs and why they should not be used.  Also, by high, I mean I have tried pot at some point in my life.  I was not amused, and I did not enjoy it.  To each their own though, I kinda think it’s harmless.)

“When?  Before I was born? After I was born?” -daughter

“During?” -mom

In my defense, I was in premature labor and the drugs were provided by the doctor to stop said premature birth.  However, I was high as a kite.

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