Some of my friends and family always ask where I find gifts, or how I manage to not stress the holiday so much.  Here are a few tips to not breaking my bank for the holidays!

  1. I am a huge Kohl’s fan.  They have this thing called “Kohl’s Cares”.  You know all those nieces and nephews that you want to find a gift for?  Don’t break the bank, you can get them a hard back book and matching stuffed animal for $10! (Each piece is $5 each. $5 for the stuffed animal, $5 for the book.)  It’s for a good cause, and the kiddos love them!  They always have great characters! 20161014_105722
  2. Also Kohl’s.  I personally live an hour away from a Kohl’s, but I still shop there often, especially since we live in a climate with cold winters and hot summers.  I actually have to buy 2 wardrobes per person per year most of the time.  If you have ever shopped there, you know that you also get Kohl’s cash.  When you spend $50, you get $10 in Kohl’s cash (I think that is right.)…which is kinda like having a gift card from there.  The only downside is that it is to be used during certain dates.  However, the cool thing is, if you use it online, ship to store…there is no shipping cost.  Unfortunately for me being so far away, I still have to go get it or pay the shipping.  However!, if you ship to store, you then get a week to pick it up.  So, it’s cool.  Plus, Mr. Carton is usually toward the store at least once a week for work, so poof, my problem solved.
  3. I know samples sound odd…however, I belong to a samples group on facebook, where you can click the links and request samples.  Now, most of the time, you just get little shampoo samples or whatknot.  However, sometimes you get some pretty cool stuff.  If you have a teenage daughter…stocking stuffers!  I’m not being cheap with this one, you really do get some nice stuff…why pay for it if I get it free?!
  4. Change jar.  I have a super huge jar that I toss my change in all year round.  I mean, do you know how much change you accumulate in one year? A lot!  Well, I do.  Also, do yourself a favor and roll your own change, bank gives you coin wrappers at no cost, and no one takes almost 10% of your money just to do it for you.  Not that those machines are not handy and all…but if you have $400, they just swiped almost $40 of it.
  5. Ever wonder what your debit card you already use can do for you?  Well, I don’t know about your bank, but my bank will let me earn points.  A lot of banks actually have some type of system.  With mine,  I simply signed up my card on line, I use it as credit everywhere instead of debit, even with my bills.  Poof…I’m earning points, which at the end of the year, I will turn into gift cards.  I mean, if there is nothing really good I want, then I turn it into a Wal Mart card….JC Penny…lots of options!
  6. Savings Catcher!  Use Wal Mart a lot? I do.  I don’t even like Wal Mart, but it’s convenient, and the only store of it’s kind over here in hillbillyville.  So, every time I shop there, I use my Wal Mart app to scan my receipt on my smart phone.  I have a galaxy, but I think most any smart phone will work.  Most of the time, it makes a couple bucks a week for me.  It searches out stores local to Wal Mart, compares their sales/prices, and if it finds a cheaper price, it will actually credit you the difference.  I save mine all year and use it at Christmas.  The cool part is…I can redeem by email of an egift card, then let the lady at the counter scan it from my email right off my phone.  Talk about handy!

When you have a large family, it comes in handy to be prepared when the biggest holiday of the year hits! 😉

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