I don’t speak out a lot politically.  I have opinions, but I just figure that voting is my duty, and I support what I feel is right.  Do I agree with partial birth abortion? No.  Do I agree with abortion?  Sometimes.  I mean I may not think a woman should have an abortion at 7 months because she doesn’t want a baby.  That doesn’t mean that I would rather a 15 year old go out and have an illegal abortion that can give her an infection that would kill her.  A lot of people don’t agree with me, and that is ok!  I respect opinions as I hope others respect mine.   This being said.  A lot of people have given me a hard time over the election this year.  I voted for Trump.  I weighed my options.  I’m always borderline Democrat/Republican.  I come from a family of “Yellow Dog Democrats”.  My granny would have had a fit.

I voted for Trump because I wanted hope for my community.  I come from a very poor place.  Decent jobs are scarce.  Drugs are everywhere.  Guess where addicts get money…a lot of theft.  The only money here is old money.  I feel grateful to have a decent job.  For the young people graduating high school?  They usually move away or settle into poverty.  The majority of decent jobs that support families? Coal mines.  My grandfather was a coal miner.  My husband was even a coal miner at one point.  Around here, it’s dangerous, but it puts food on the table.  It’s never been a stable job that I can remember.  They close often, new sanctions are added.

Nothing makes a man prouder than providing for his family, and we’re proud of our miner’s around here.  We see a man covered head to toe in black smudges, and we know he’s just pulled a shift underground.  It’s a hard job.  It’s manual labor in the dark all day or all night.  This is our way of life.

I also come from a family of veterans.  My grandfather was in WWII.  My father is a veteran.  I had TWO brothers in the Persian Gulf.   My nephew just finished serving.  Should I even get into the cousins and uncles on both sides? You get the picture.  We’ve seen our share of family members  leaving us behind to worry.  We’ve sent our share of care packages.  We’ve been the family with yellow ribbons all over the yard.  Even if we didn’t support the cause, we always supported our troops, men and women.  Just thinking about it makes me emotional and PROUD.

I want all the support for our troops and veterans we can get.  You can imagine that I of course skipped the Republican Debate to watch Trumps marathon for the veterans.   I refuse to apologize for my opinion because it is my right.

Now, I know people think bible belt redneck hillbillies and they picture a racist homophobic person.  This simply isn’t true.  We’re simple people, and try to use good, common sense.  Our hearts are often bigger than our brains.  There are always going to be people in the world, no matter where they are, who think hate.  My kids weren’t aware racism was a current thing…until it became plastered all over the news.  They weren’t aware because we teach them that we are all equal and skin color is just that, a color.  I’m not saying that they shouldn’t report the news, I’m just saying, it isn’t something that we showed them.  They didn’t know that there was something “different” about gay people, because we never told them it was “different”.  I have had gay family members from back way before there was a closet to come out of.  That’s just who they were.  We didn’t make a big deal, we accepted it.   Why wouldn’t we want them to be able to get married?  Who did it hurt?  No one.  I’ve always been pro gay marriage.

There really is no point to my opinion rant this morning…except facebook post and debates are on my last little nerve.  I thought things would calm down after the election, no matter the winner, but it seems that it’s still going.  Perhaps I should be glad that everyone is showing so much passion, but I wish we could all redirect some of that passion.  Rant done 😉


My grandfather in the 40s…I think the 40s anyway!

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