1.  Finding dip in my fridge half opened and growing mold.  I seriously needed to clean  out the fridge…and if anyone asked me, I’d say it was one of my kids conducting a science experiment.
  2. Wearing my Steelers jacket.  It’s always good fun.  You are either going to get some serious high fives…or some serious haters.  I wasn’t even mean to the Brown’s fan,  he’s suffered enough.
  3. Seeing my favorite team paying the fine one of my favorite players racked up the week before.  The other dude totally had that kick coming.  Love me some team spirit.
  4. The innocence of  a child at Christmas time.  (Even if that innocent child left me a 2  page long list of things he wishes Santa would bring…including a 3d tv because his flat screen is no longer good enough, due to one video game including a 3d feature.  That AIN’T happening!)
  5. Going through Target to fine the mannequin has been depantsed.  It really shouldn’t be that funny at my age…but it was.
  6. Playing with my elf on the shelf…kids have their own toys…this one is mine.
  7. All that giving!  I mean why don’t people give all year long, they look so darn happy doing it.  However, I’ll settle for this time of the year!
  8. Coffee-ummm duh!  Nothing says awesome like a holiday decorated cup full of “I can survive this day of endless shopping in a crowd full of pushy people!”
  9. Hallmark moviessssssssss!  I mean who doesn’t love a two day story where people, meet, overcome obstacles to fall in love, and live happily ever after!
  10. Paper snowflakes!  My son wants snow..he gets it one way or the other.  Can you say hand cramp???
  11. Winter hats!  Hats…toboggans..either/or.  I mean you look good, your hair is warm, and they cannot even see the grey!
  12. Candy! Not that you can’t make it all year round, but this is the time of year I have time not working that I can make peanut butter logs and fudge! I may gain like 5-10 lbs..but I have the whole rest of the year to attempt to lose it again! (In preparation for next year.)

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