I love the holidays.  It’s no secret, I make no splash about my kids Christmas gifts.  I feel like they get plenty of stuff.  They really enjoy gifts.  They are kids, they super duper enjoy gifts.  I try to make the parts of Christmas they remember, the things they did, not the gifts the receive.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  They are in no hurry to ever get to Christmas day because they know the “festivities” will then be over. Some of the things we super enjoyed this year:

  1.  Elf on the Shelf.  Now, I know that the story is that you don’t touch him and he’s all goody goody and watching for Santa.  Not ours, he’s horrible.  I mean, Dude, he put underwear on our Christmas tree and tied up my step-son.  Good news, he’s an adult, so it’s not really child abuse.  Plus, he was a willing participant to see the sparkle in his little brother’s eyes.  It’s part of the fun just to see what he will be up to.
  2. Traditional Christmas Tree!  Now, we’ve had the same tree a few years.  Sparkle ornaments and all that jazz.  I always wanted to string popcorn.  Since my kids kinda outgrew the whole thing with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, we decided to do a second Christmas tree in our dining room, with all homemade ornaments and a real tree instead of our fake one.  Stringing popcorn was all the fun I hoped it would be!
  3.  Christmas Cookies.  My kids love to overdecorate Christmas cookies.  I let them.  I mean, why not?  It’s their cookies.  Just don’t ask me to eat them, I have no urge for diabetes.
  4. Family!  We see family through the year, but we don’t always get to see them all at once and without a reason other than to celebrate.  We do at Christmas.  Everyone has a light or no work schedule.  No one needs a favor.
  5. Junk food.  I mean, I do love some peanut butter balls and fudge! (If you need to find me in January, I’ll be living at the gym.) Hello tomato soup and grilled cheese on cold days for lunch!
  6. Football!  I mean, it’s always a stress to see if we are going to make the playoffs…yay, we did BTW!!!!

Now that the holidays are gone, I’m totally chilling.  Hence, the ability to actually post something on here.  I almost like the week after Christmas better.  The pressure is off, it’s relaxed at work that week…and the sales. (If you have not been to Bath and Body…run now!!!)  I mean, getting a $50 sweater for $9.99 is always good!  Plus, taking the Christmas stuff down, I have all this space! (I am, however, out of hangers.)  Hope everyone else had a really wonderful Christmas!

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