RESOLUTIONS!!! (or not)

I am not big on resolutions because then life changes feel more like a chore than a step in the right direction.  Everyone aims big on New Years Eve…and a month later they’ve done nothing to make the changes and can’t figure out why they haven’t done it. (typically)

My list of failed resolutions:

  1. I will weigh 105 pounds.  Ummmm not since 2002, but in my defense, I gave 4 people life.  Honestly, I hear you should carry a little extra weight in winter for your joints.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself!
  2. I will find a career that makes me happy.  Dude, I don’t hate my job, but it doesn’t make me happy.  I suppose that is why they call it work.  I don’t know, when I look at my monthly bills, and some of them are things I want, not things I have to have, I consider not hating my job pretty ok….but boy, would I love to  make a living off of refinishing old furniture!
  3. Buy a cow!  Ok, that one is weird.  I live in a farm area though where a lot of people raise their own livestock. Yeah, maybe I should stick to my gardening, I can’t really see myself eating a steak I’d named “Fred”.  We all know I would name that silly cow.
  4. Check in with old friends.  Facebook is close enough.  Do I really need to see them in person? Yeah, I do…facebook doesn’t count.  I keep meaning to, but life is busy, and so am I.
  5. Have more family get togethers with the extended family I never see.  Same thing with friends.  Shit people, I’m lucky to make dinner daily!!
  6. Scrapbook more..organize all of my memories. BAHAHAHA and BAHAHAHA.
  7. Organize my house. Ummmmmm BAHAHA  I try, ok? It’s all I can do to get the laundry, the dishes, the work, the schooling….my kids do most of the dusting and sweeping…and quite frankly, they just suck at it!

You get the point, resolutions are not my thing.  I’ll keep trying to work on them, but I’m not going to feel too bad about the fact that I can’t sweep under my couch daily cause I’m spending 8 hours of that day earning a living.  Just for fun though, I’ll pick a resolution for 2017:  I plan to be easier on myself for not getting everything done and try to work just a little harder!20161231_235320

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