Facebook survey says….

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say.

Answered by: My 8 year old

What is something I say a lot? I’m going to be on the phone.
What makes me happy? Kisses
What makes me sad? When you don’t get lovins at night.

How tall am I? You’re small.
What’s my favorite thing to do? Play with me

What is my favorite food? Salad
Who do I talk on the phone with all the time? Your boss (totally incorrect)
Who is my favorite person in the whole world? Me
What is my favorite drink? Coffee
If I could go anywhere, where would I go? Cracker Barrel

What size shoe do I wear? 3
How many kids do I want? 1 ( I kinda went over that number…)
Do you think you could live without me? I’m thinking no cause I can’t cook.
How do I annoy you? Phone calls
What is my favorite TV show? Mama’s Family
What is my favorite music to listen to? Starboy
How old am I? 34
How old do I look? 20 (after he checked my teeth)
What’s my favorite color? violet
How much do you love me? 100 percent

Just so you know, “I’m going to be on the phone” is in relation to work, and totally not my fault!

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