WINTER CLEANUP 2017 (part 1)

I love snow days!  Even though we homeschool and sometimes still have school on those days, sometimes…we don’t.  We take the day off like the rest of the county.  Now, when I say take the day off, I mean “after Christmas, why is there wrapping paper in your room? there is too much dust from electric heat in here, omg we should be an episode of hoarders”.    So, I make them assist me in the “Winter Spring Clean”!  They hate it.  They hate me right now.  I am most certain that means I’ve done something right!

It’s no secret I work a full time job, I’m a full time school…cleaning lady, cook, laundry, gardener, zoo keeper…!  One cannot simply clean a bedroom in the state of my 8 year old son’s and my 15 year old daughter’s room.  They just do not have the cleaning gene.  My twins?  Their room is always spotless.  I started when they were small and they have cleaned their rooms for years with no assistance from me.  Other than a little dust now and then, I don’t have to lift a finger in there.  My 8 year old and 15 year old?  When I go in, I go majorly in.  I remove everything they own except furniture, and deep clean.  I mean, everything besides large furniture and some large electronics.  I also leave clothes hanging in closet and drawers..though I do go through those and clean them out.

I know it seems cruel not to let them just play video games all day, however,  I cannot relax in a house full of cobwebs and wrapping paper scraps.  Plus, all the cardboard from boxes from Christmas gifts?  And with all the new stuff, time to hunt down the legless and armless action figures of an 8 year old and give them a proper landfill burial.  Sad when my son told his father to come and see his new and improved room.  His was pretty bad!  2 rooms down…like a gozillion to go!

Oh, and the house rule?  I get to keep any change I find while cleaning.  I made almost 3 whole dollars!!! SCORE!

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