Would it be wrong if I just said it? PMS MOMMY DOESN’T CARE!  I mean, I have worked since 7am…I have eaten enough for people to ask me if I’m pregnant just by looking at my stomach..I’m so tired I can barely function..and my co worker is a pain in my butt sometimes.  So, when my 15 yr old and my 9 yr old want to argue alllllllllll damn day long….and I just want to get them fed so that I can haul my tired rear to the car and take my kid to MMA class where I get to sit around and watch for another 2 hours before I can come home and check my work email and go to bed…

I’ve heard that PMS gets worse as you get older…but I’m having anxiety here!  I mean, 34 is not exactly ancient.  My other half thought it would be funny to tell me that most things don’t work the same after a few decades.  Yes…I did scowl.  So, now I’m Mean Mom who yells and screams and stomps…which means I now have to stop and get ice cream on the way to martial arts so my kids love me again. That is going to make a mess in my car! SIGHHHHHHHHH

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